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31 October 2014 @ 02:23 pm


This community won't be updated anymore. It originally existed for extra musings such as Daily Leighton Quotes/"Rares," but we haven't kept up with that for a while (Tumblr stole that thunder!). I couldn't bear to let it go when I took over for Thaly (ohsomeday) because it was the first ever LJ community for Leighton, but it's become redundant for sometime now. We're still active and stanning over at BWS though so come on over if you haven't already!
30 October 2014 @ 08:09 pm
Leighton performed a live session at Pandora radio today, capturing some unsuspecting hearts.

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The movie is almost here, who's excited? The iTunes release is on november 6. Should we have a viewing party? It will be also out in theatres on december 5.

There's the possibility to attend the By The Gun's premiere and after party in Boston, for a price. Check Eventbrite.com if you are interested.
28 October 2014 @ 06:57 am

Before you read our cover story on actress and musician Leighton Meester, remember: This is not about Blair. Yes, the Ft. Worth-born, LA-based gal recognized Gossip Girl is her claim to fame, but in actuality, Meester's actual, IRL tale is far more interesting. From her tough beginning, Meester has become a refined, inspirational young woman who is totally transcending not just Blair Waldorf, but Hollywood as a whole.

With a pop-influenced rock album set to release tomorrow, a stint on Broadway, and a starring role in the forthcoming romantic comedy Life Partners, it's safe to say that Meester has entered a whole new universe as a Hollywood starlet—and as a voice to be reckoned with.

Scoop up NYLON's November 2014 issue, on newsstands 11/4!

On Gossip Girl:
"I started the show when I was so young, and once it was over, I wanted to do things that were more exciting and challenging and more me—more my adult taste. Of course, that's said with nothing but gratitude and love for that experience in that time of my life."

On roles for women in Hollywood:
"As far as scripts go, the roles of women standing alone on their own as whole, real, full people are few and far between. So with both of those roles [Life Partners and Like Sunday, Like Rain], what I loved is that neither of them are centered around romantic relationships. They're flawed, real human beings that I could bread down and really enjoy playing. They're like me, in a way."

On approaching 30:
"Most people I know are starting to get married. It'll be kids next. I like the grown-up stuff. I like having a house. I've got dogs."

Come back for more behind-the-scenes and exclusive sneak peeks with our November cover girl. Don't forget to check out her album, too!


I knew the scans we had were heavily edited. I love the cover now.
25 October 2014 @ 10:59 am
By Diane Anderson-Minshall

Leighton Meester surprises us with her guitar—and enjoys having a good laugh

Leighton Meester came to fame playing Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, but in the two years since that hit CW series went off the air, she’s become so much more than even industry watchers expected. This year alone spent months as a lead in Broadway’s Of Mice and Men (alongside James Franco and Chris O'Dowd), starred in three films (including her wonderful lesbian lead role in the upcoming Life Partners), and married The OC’s Adam Brody (a.k.a. geeky boy Seth). With the release of her solo debut album, the cynics will be on the attack, but the wonderful Heartstrings (available Oct. 28)—which will surely draw comparisons to Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell—means Meester should also be lauded gorgeous lyricism and throaty, haunting vocals you can’t easily tune out. We caught up with her to find out why the actress decided she needed to add singer-songwriter to her long list of accomplishments.

I think a lot of critics will be surprised when they hear Heartstrings. It’s a really intriguing and atmospheric album. Tell me a little bit about “Blue Afternoon.” It’s one of my favorite tracks. (good taste, interviewer)

Oh, thanks! I actually wrote it before I even had the melody or the music. I wrote it as a kind of a long poem. And I wrote it when I was visiting — this sounds so silly — I was visiting Barcelona for a friend’s wedding and I missed my flight and so I basically just went back to the hotel and had to spend the night. Luckily, I had my guitar with me, and I had the words to this poem and basically just rearranged it and put it to music. I think it was sort of just an amalgamation of experiences in love. It’s definitely the most romantic or at least wholeheartedly romantic song on the record. I think that even the songs that sort — they’re not necessarily sad, but they have a touch of irony, even the ones that are about being in love. It’s mostly me questioning love, even at its best. So that’s kind of what it’s about, and it’s just about the corny idea of being lost in someone and not being able to get yourself out and being OK with that.
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Heartstrings, is available Oct. 28. Life Partners will be in theaters Dec. 5.


How are you guys enjoying the album?


In 2008, at the height of her Gossip Girl fame, Leighton Meester signed a major-label recording contract with Universal Republic Records, and began work on club-friendly pop tracks, collaborating with the likes of Lil Wayne, Robin Thicke and Clinton Sparks. “At every turn I wasn’t one-hundred percent convinced that I was happy doing that,” she now says looking back. Those recording sessions? They resulted in a handful of singles, no album and and, eventually, an amicable split with her label. “That music is fun for certain times," Meester says, "but It didn’t feel right to me." Despite the lack of return, the experience, for Meester, makes the fact that she's now about to release the album she always envisioned that much sweeter. “It feels so personal and so real for me,” the 28-year-old says proudly of Heartstrings, her debut album, that with its blend of folk, Americana and singer-songwriter vibes closely resembles her singing work on the 2010 film Country Strong.

Recording for the album, which you can exclusively stream in full below and is set to be released next week via Vagrant, got underway early last year when Meester linked up with its producer, Jeff Trot. All of the tracks were recorded with a live band, and the whole vibe of the album, Meester says, felt positive from the outset.

“It really represents me,” she explains of Heartstrings. "It’s sensitive, it’s sort of guarded but also open and vulnerable and triumphant.” Working on the album amid several high-profile acting gigs—most notably a Broadway stage adaptation of Of Mice and Men opposite James Franco this year—proved challenging albeit rewarding for Meester: “You have a life outside of work—barely, but it’s there for me—so there’s plenty of material and inspiration [for my music]. Family, friends, loved ones, relationships, and everything that is happening in real life is a good source of inspiration for anybody who is writing music.”

Having just left rehearsal when she rang up ELLE, Meester is primarily occupied at the moment with getting her live chops down before her album-release gig next Tuesday at LA’s famed Troubadour, a venue where she previously performed in 2011. To that end, there's been no time, she says, to predict how people might react to the idea of someone best known for her acting making a serious go at the world of music. Frankly, she just wants to invite everyone along for the ride.

“Anybody who has any clue who I am or my name or what I’ve done I’m so happy to bring them over to this and get them to listen to this record,” she says, her voice rising with excitement. “And for people who don’t have any clue about me, that’s great too. Welcome!”
21 October 2014 @ 02:19 pm

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Apparently, you had more luck of getting your questions answered if you tweeted to drummer Leighton Cauchi :3
If you go to the Heartstrings iTunes Canada site, you can preview all nine songs (I don't know if it's just me, but it doesn't work with the US link). They all sound fucking amazing, by the way.

Leighton's collaboration with iTunes continues as it will be hosting a Q & A session with her next week. Tweet them your questions! The date on the graphic vs. the tweet doesn't match up though :/

The podcast for her "Meet the Musician" event from last Tuesday is online. It's around 25 minutes but unfortunately does not include the performances :(

- Her influences: Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Bonnie Wright, Fiona Apple, Stevie Knicks, etc.
- Painful experiences are universal so everyone can relate to her music
- Talks about pre-production and being introduced to her producer Jeff Trott
- Never had time to focus on and promote her music until now
- The most adorable expression ever to why she named her own label "Hotly Wanting"
- Why she "amicably washed her hands" of Universal Republic and switched to Vagrant Records (creative differences, $$$, etc.)
- Heartstrings, the song, started off as a "stupid" F U song to an ex, but it's taken on more meaning as time passed (growing up, putting on a facade, her career) -- also why it's a good mood setter for the rest of the album
- Gossip Girl "feels like a million years ago, a lot has happened since, mostly good"
- Getting signed because she was on a TV show, her naivete about the industry at first
- How she broke into acting and wanting to keep advancing to a new level and wanting more

Overall, it was a really sweet, adorable and honest interview. Worth checking out despite the performances getting cut.

Monterey Media acquires U.S. Rights to LIKE SUNDAY, LIKE RAIN

Los Angeles, CA (October 17, 2014) - monterey media is proud to announce the acquisition of all U.S. rights to "Like Sunday, Like Rain" from F.J. Productions and B.B. Film Productions. Written & directed by Frank Whaley, the film Stars Leighton Meester ("Gossip Girl"), Multi-Golden Globe and EMMY nominee & winner Debra Messing ("Will & Grace," "The Starter Wife"), and Billie Joe Armstrong (lead vocalist, principal songwriter). The film recently premiered at the Raindance Film Festival in London.

The deal was negotiated between Paradigm's Meghan Oliver and monterey media's Scott Mansfield with an early 2015 theatrical release planned.

"Frank has created such a beautiful film with wonderful performances. It's truly a lovely lyrical heart-warming journey for audiences to embrace." commented Scott Mansfield, Managing Partner monterey media.

[monterey media]

Here's the Q&A session transcript. Leighton and Frank Whaley talk about how the former got involved. (If you read the full transcript at the source, you'd realize Frank has an awesome dark sense of humor.)

Davis: “And Leighton and Billy, how did you get to see this script? How did this script come to you, and talk a little bit about your attachment to the project.”

Leighton Meester:
“I was sent the script– it was my last, like, month living in New York; I was about to move to L.A. and I had a meeting the last day that I lived there; with Frank, at a little restaurant down the street from my apartment. And it ended up being hours long. We… kept ordering meals, and– going to the bathroom (Laughter)– and it just was like a long wonderful meeting, and obviously we talked about the script and the characters and his take on it and how he planned to film it and who he liked for the role of Reggie, and sort of his feeling about it, but also just about–
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[Full transcript]