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LIKE SUNDAY, LIKE RAIN gets U.S. distribution! Also, transcript from MVFF Q&A

Monterey Media acquires U.S. Rights to LIKE SUNDAY, LIKE RAIN

Los Angeles, CA (October 17, 2014) - monterey media is proud to announce the acquisition of all U.S. rights to "Like Sunday, Like Rain" from F.J. Productions and B.B. Film Productions. Written & directed by Frank Whaley, the film Stars Leighton Meester ("Gossip Girl"), Multi-Golden Globe and EMMY nominee & winner Debra Messing ("Will & Grace," "The Starter Wife"), and Billie Joe Armstrong (lead vocalist, principal songwriter). The film recently premiered at the Raindance Film Festival in London.

The deal was negotiated between Paradigm's Meghan Oliver and monterey media's Scott Mansfield with an early 2015 theatrical release planned.

"Frank has created such a beautiful film with wonderful performances. It's truly a lovely lyrical heart-warming journey for audiences to embrace." commented Scott Mansfield, Managing Partner monterey media.

[monterey media]

Here's the Q&A session transcript. Leighton and Frank Whaley talk about how the former got involved. (If you read the full transcript at the source, you'd realize Frank has an awesome dark sense of humor.)

Davis: “And Leighton and Billy, how did you get to see this script? How did this script come to you, and talk a little bit about your attachment to the project.”

Leighton Meester:
“I was sent the script– it was my last, like, month living in New York; I was about to move to L.A. and I had a meeting the last day that I lived there; with Frank, at a little restaurant down the street from my apartment. And it ended up being hours long. We… kept ordering meals, and– going to the bathroom (Laughter)– and it just was like a long wonderful meeting, and obviously we talked about the script and the characters and his take on it and how he planned to film it and who he liked for the role of Reggie, and sort of his feeling about it, but also just about–

Whaley: “I wanted Matt Damon, but that went out the window. Wasn’t available, and he was a little too tall. His head was large, as well. (Laughter)

Meester: “But then we just really I think clicked and got along, and I thought while I was reading it, it– I read it over the course of a couple days, not really intentionally, but it just really got to sink in. And then we talked about life, and kind of, my background and where I come from, and it’s not the exact same background of Eleanor, but just such a similar kind of feeling and that feeling of going home, and– also feeling kind of lost and at a cross-roads, and I just really could relate… And then …maybe a year later, he got in touch and was like, ‘We’re actually doing it.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s great.’ And so I was really excited, and then they sent me a tape of Julian Shatkin who I wish was here, because this is such an amazing movie for here. And I just cried watching his audition tape. He is just such an angel, and I love him.”


Whaley: “And my take on this is, this film for me, it’s– the fact– the luck that I had with not only Leighton and Billy, but with Julian, is really– the way it all came together, you know; my casting director recommended Leighton and I knew her work, I had seen her work and always admired her work and we sat down and she sat and we had this conversation, and I would say maybe five minutes into this conversation I saw the character sitting across from me. And I think that’s why our conversation went on and on… And sometimes as a director, you’re faced with that. And that’s something that rarely happens. It hasn’t ever happened to me before as a director, and I can’t imagine I would have such good fortune.


“But for a film that was shot in twenty days, to have a performance like this person (Leighton) gives; every moment for me, and I don’t wanna make you feel uncomfortable in front of these people but I think they would agree, that it’s one of the most pure and beautiful and honest and moving and simple performance you’re going to see in a movie. I take most of the credit for that. (Laughter) But she delivers it. And the kid, you give a kid that age enough coffee and you can get anything…(Laughter). Julian, you know– this whole thing happened so quickly and so fast, that– we only had, you know, a matter of days to cast the whole movie. …And we had Leighton, we had Billy, and… fortunately I have a lot of friends who are actors in New York. My wife Heather was in the movie. Brilliant. Highest paid actress in the movie. (Laughter) …Jay Smith Cameron, who is a brilliant stage actress… Debra Messing. Come on, what are you gonna say about Debra Messing? (Applause) …I was really lucky to have these people come and work with me.

[Full transcript]
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