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Preview the 9-track LP | Send in Questions for @iTunesMusic | "Meet the Musician" interview!

If you go to the Heartstrings iTunes Canada site, you can preview all nine songs (I don't know if it's just me, but it doesn't work with the US link). They all sound fucking amazing, by the way.

Leighton's collaboration with iTunes continues as it will be hosting a Q & A session with her next week. Tweet them your questions! The date on the graphic vs. the tweet doesn't match up though :/

The podcast for her "Meet the Musician" event from last Tuesday is online. It's around 25 minutes but unfortunately does not include the performances :(

- Her influences: Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Bonnie Wright, Fiona Apple, Stevie Knicks, etc.
- Painful experiences are universal so everyone can relate to her music
- Talks about pre-production and being introduced to her producer Jeff Trott
- Never had time to focus on and promote her music until now
- The most adorable expression ever to why she named her own label "Hotly Wanting"
- Why she "amicably washed her hands" of Universal Republic and switched to Vagrant Records (creative differences, $$$, etc.)
- Heartstrings, the song, started off as a "stupid" F U song to an ex, but it's taken on more meaning as time passed (growing up, putting on a facade, her career) -- also why it's a good mood setter for the rest of the album
- Gossip Girl "feels like a million years ago, a lot has happened since, mostly good"
- Getting signed because she was on a TV show, her naivete about the industry at first
- How she broke into acting and wanting to keep advancing to a new level and wanting more

Overall, it was a really sweet, adorable and honest interview. Worth checking out despite the performances getting cut.
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