I’m trying to think of what I’m ashamed of.

But, damn, I don’t really have any shame.

everything leighton meester.
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Welcome to the original Leighton Meester community on LiveJournal. Join to share and discuss the latest news, pictures, fan encounters, musings, arts, multimedia and to simply follow the career of this lovely young actress. Most picture and "exclusive" media posts are friendlocked so join to see them!

1) Put large/long content behind a cut.

2) Picture posts: (as of 10/31/10) Only mods will start picture (filming, photoshoots, scans, events) posts. We all have photobuckets and image accounts solely for the purpose of updating this community so it's almost guaranteed that the pictures won't be deleted when we go back to look for something (like I've noticed some are :(). It's easier to update our own picture posts too. If we missed anything or you scanned something or have a new photoshoot up at your site, please drop them off here or message one of us directly and we'll post them for you. Full credit/promotion will be given, of course!

3) Gossip Girl spoilers: (As of 4/12/09) leighton_fans is a spoiler-free community. If you love and want to follow spoilers for her hit show, join and friend blairwaldorfs. Candids and promotional stills will continue being posted if they don't give away any plotlines.

4) Please do not post information that is meant to be private - i.e. from locked or protected Facebooks/Myspaces/Twitters/etc.

5) Always credit your sources (whether you are sharing or taking), don't hot-link, and tag your posts.

6) Media posts (with the exception of general youtube videos) should be friendlocked.

7) No icon posts and community/RPG/site promotions. Also, no "tweet" posts unless they are newsworthy.

8) Bashing (of Leighton, her co-stars, and fans) is absolutely unacceptable.

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